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Strategic Brand Establishment

Strategic Brand Establishment

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Schedule your Discovery Call and let's turn your dreams into reality: no more scrolling and overthinking your ideas, Boss; let's make them happen!

Most humans don't realize that you can lucratively wake up and love what you do, on your own terms if you're craving a more flexible lifestyle. If know you're destined to flourish outside the box with no restrictions and you're ready to grow into the person and entrepreneur that you know you can be, stop delaying it and get to work! 

Integrating authenticity with our DFY strategies will help you build your brand and grow your visions to insane heights.

The strategies you use when growing your brand(s) should lead with exhaustive brainstorming sessions, allowing your brand(s) and marketing efforts to naturally radiate thorough, unique and valuable energy since your branding and strategies will tactically stem from the raw, authentic values already within you.

During your free consultation you'll learn the importance, benefits and hindrances of developing an online brand and being confident in your compelling brand and marketing elements. We'll discuss your social platforms, all back-end strategies, promotional materials you'll need and more. 🌏 Whether you use BTB to develop your brand or not, keep applying yourself and let the fun begin. 

Importance of Entrepreneurship & Branding: 

Developing a brand and business allows you to explore yourself and capabilities like never before. Not everyone was meant to be an entrepreneur but those that do typically experience personal fulfillment and a greater sense of independence and control over their life once they come to the non-traditional side. Most teens and adults, whether they know it or not, have already showcased a personal brand or entrepreneurial spirit but haven't cleaned up and packaged their presence yet. That's where referring to your strategies, foundation and solid branding come in.

If you have the desire to build your brand and you're ready to solidify your strategies, start with the foundational elements below. 

Logo Designs

Name-Based or Icon-Based Logo Designs with Transparencies ($100)

Website Design

Completed Homepage, Product Pages, About Us Page, FAQ Page, And Policy Page ($400)

Strategic Brand Establishment

Your Brand Establishment Package will include your ready-to-launch Brand Kit: Logo Designs, Website Design, Layout & Templates, Content and Marketing Strategies and Legality Bundle ($1,000) 

We’re excited to see the overall results you'll generate using your brain and online platforms. 



Your Discovery Call (included) will familiarize me with your creative ideas, wishes and guidelines, allowing me to craft your brand elements to your standards.

Your free Discovery Call also gives you the chance to learn what BTB is more about before solidifying any payments or branding agreements.   

After our Discovery Call you'll return back here (as we'll discuss) and add your brand elements of choice to your cart.

After checking out your agreements, accompanying information and brand elements will be sent and ready for review within 1-10 business days (as we'll discuss during your Discovery Call).

Use this link to reserve your free Discovery Call and learn more:

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