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Be The Boss And More, LLC is a full-service agency dedicated to empowering aspiring creators, business owners and entrepreneurs.
BTB was created to guide and assist business owners, creators and entrepreneurial spirits with facts, tips, life-skills and strategies that sometimes never get presented during traditional upbringings.
Our mission is to authentically, creatively and successfully prepare and motivate teens and adults across the globe when they're ready to discover and experiment with paths and strategies less discussed. We educate and guide entrepreneurial spirits until they're more confidently comfortable with being the business professional or creator they know they're capable of being.
We offer a wide range of products and services, from 1-on-1 branding and strategy sessions to educational e-books and downloadable templates which all help clients focus on maximizing their potential, staying authentic and resourceful, achieving financial freedom, and embracing self-awareness.
We ensure that our clients realize reality then set goals that actually align with them (which only takes a little brain power). From there, it's easier for them to work towards those personal and professional goals more diligently and with a more solid foundation.
New Done-For-You strategies, new time-blocking techniques and new opportunities will allow you to unlock new doors and discover new realms, almost immediately. After learning more about your capabilities and new possibilities,¬†growing aside new venture(s)¬†can¬†bring peace due to operating brands, businesses and journeys only you know and love. ūüĆĪ
If you possess an idea or skill that you want to develop and expand into something entrepreneurially greater: pursue those passions by brainstorming, strategizing then implementing realistic and actionable tasks into your daily routines and mindsets, which will help you reach fulfillment by aligning your visions and long-term desires with your current realities.

Applies to any goal, mission or desire.

Brainstorm ūüí≠ Genuinely and freely think of your goals, desires and desired daily tasks. This will help you get a grasp of your needs, wants and¬†purposes and who you really are along the way.¬†
(Learn) ūü߆ Study what you need to associate yourself with that realm. Study the curriculum and study the industry you're trying to penetrate. Break it down into sections and time-block if you need to. You should be taking notes so you can apply this information to your own venture(s)¬†as well. This will help you become an¬†expert in whatever industry that you may choose.
Strategize ūüďĚ Determine how you're going to take what you learned and what your markets are in need of. Use your new data to combine your strengths (already within you) into a concrete brand, proposition or business plan to propose to others. (If you wish to capitalize this way.)¬†
Execute¬†ūüďą Take what you've learned and strategized after indulging in your true passion(s) and wake up doing¬†what it takes daily to reach your desired goals with strategy and solution-oriented tactics.
Very few people understand who they really are and why they do what they do and we hate that because life is too short yet precious to live in uncertainty, doubt and unhappiness. Live peacefully. Live abundantly. Focus on happiness, calmness and assurance within yourself. Channel your emotions, intuitions and passions then let those feelings and beliefs stem your wished realities so that your transformed life, habits and motives develop from nothing but the richest ideas and efforts every single day.
Continuously expand your ideas, recognize your advantages and move with strategy and watch how your life changes before your eyes.
If you're unhappy with your current positioning, occupation, or predicament, in terms of either your mental or physical sacrifices: consider professionally easing into your desired field(s) online, with strategy, knowledge and authority. Not everyone is meant to be an Entrepreneur but it doesn't hurt to explore your capabilities (and you will know if it is for you or not).
Even if you don't want to be an Entrepreneur or build your own entity, channeling these processes allows you to begin nurturing your desired mindsets, environments and habits instead of solely submitting to paths that were created for you. Don't be afraid to create and stay in your own lane and reach your definition of success. Rewiring your brain like this (and implementing strategy) allows you to mentally, financially, emotionally and spiritually flourish regardless of being limited and indoctrinated in this cold, brainwashed and diluted world. 
In a world where you're expected to work to pay bills to survive, BTB is just here to ensure that you understand: you have the power to shift your daily energy allocations, purposes and overall being to maximize your time on this Earth so that you're fruitfully and abundantly fulfilling your soul every day, never sucking it dry with the "right way of living" that you're conditioned to crave and be accustomed to.
The majority of humans are heavily influenced by propagandized systems and feel that it's wrong to explore their beliefs and innate passions further since they must stay on a narrow path. The problem with this is, suppressing ideas, emotions and deep-down creative desires (and results) is a recipe for disaster. As of March 2024, according to the American Foundation for Suicide, in the United States, on average, there are 132 suicides per day and 94% of adults surveyed in the U.S. think suicide can be prevented. BTB is apart of that preventable movement and we solely exist to gradually redirect, comfortably educate, and genuinely do our part to let people know what they're capable of in this capitalist society regardless of external factors. 
Enforcing discipline is one thing but limiting creativity and the maximization of exploring different abilities and ideologies, especially being directed from one human being to another, is preposterous.
Everything in your life has been a set up since birth. What we mean by that is, everything is a cycle thus systems are automatically implemented with you as the target consumer since birth. You can literally research the Marketing Psychology behind the Life Insurance Industry, (implying that even the thought of your life, and the end of it, stems business industries and business derivatives, which is a wild thing to think about). 
We were born into this capitalist society and we can't help that but what we can do is figure out ways to keep our vibrations high day-to-day, despite having to work, despite societal pressures, aside from maddening reoccurring expenses and despite knowing that you are more than your current predicament if you want better for yourself.
Waking up and dreading anything for whatever reason should be acknowledged and the off-putting mindsets and energies contributing to said misery should be accounted for so that they can be eliminated, sooner than later.
Both Entrepreneurship and The Traditional Path have their pros and cons but the amazing thing about life is that we can weigh any set of pros and cons that we desire and take risks as long as we understand what we're investing our time and resources into. If you value your time, value doing things on your own terms and hate reporting to others then maybe Entrepreneurial activities may be worth looking into further. 
If you value structure and don't mind working for others and getting paid a set a wage, stay on the Traditional Path until retirement. We're taught to go to school, get a great job with what we've learned then work full-time until we retire and if you're okay doing the same thing at the same job until you're an elder, that's fine!
Those that confide in the security and stability associated with the Traditional Path might not like the more riskier aspects associated with Entrepreneurship but it's relieving to know that you can weigh the benefits. It's important to weigh the benefits since we're almost forced on the Traditional Path of life, learning nothing of real-life significance throughout our current schoolings. I'm not sure why grade schools aren't exposed to financial literacy, investment and entrepreneurship related curriculum but that's where BTB steps in.
We have to work to generate ready and accessible funds to pay for every damn thing anyway so you're better off actually enjoying your work and work environment(s), if possible, as opposed to hating your 9-5, career or current predicaments, thinking there's no way of unlocking new levels and attaining more.
Think big and try to capitalize using your innate or developed talents and skill sets if you're seeking new streams of income, Boss. Knowing what type of motives, efforts, ideologies and brand models you want to devote your time, energy and funds into has a lot to do with understanding yourself first. Once you determine your interests, strengths and weaknesses, only then can you naturally find your lane by either passively investing into said ventures and your future, or starting your own brand or business by providing resources, opportunities and solutions for thousands of people and supporters of your beliefs worldwide. 

Owner of BTB, asiachan here ;)

An indecisive young lady with great entrepreneurial potential and your BTB Guide.

After starting my first Online Business in 2019 and falling in love with Digital Spaces, I've realized everything I've grown to know and encounter is a business. Life is a business. College? Not about the students necessarily: It's a business. The government is a business. Hospitals and the fact that they make sure to intake your insurance information before you're seen is their business. (At BTB, we are advocates for free healthcare for all. We want healthcare professionals to get paid, but we know there's other methods where all parties can live blissfully.)
We understand that there are reasons business efforts and tax implications are put in place, but let's be serious: money is fake. If you think about it, it's a mere digital numeric that can technically duplicate as parties may wish.) ūü•∑ūüŹĺ¬†From: The Creator
I created Be The Boss And More (BTBVENDORS.COM) to help other entrepreneurial spirits ease their way into the business, entrepreneurship and investing world as more advanced humans have already done. I teach people by referencing everything I've learned during my days developing businesses, executing my personal marketing strategies and investing my time, money and energy to get where I want to be. I'm continuously acquiring knowledge so that my clients can be better prepared for life with the most up-to-date information and applicable learnings.
I don't want anyone feeling alone, under-educated, under-appreciated, or overwhelmed when making their first entrepreneurial, business or investment decisions since these fields are beautiful ones to be apart of, despite certain hurdles and hardships societal influences can impose throughout our journeys.

Entrepreneurship, Investing and Other Disciplined Activities Exercised On BTB Are Not Suitable Practices For Everyone. Ensure that you're ready to step aside the Traditional World then strategically ease into Entrepreneurship, financial literacy and the real fun with our guidance and resources, Boss.

You shouldn't have to rely on working all your life, tolerating and doing things you hate, to make money. There's lots of ways to generate income after acquiring the proper knowledge, skills and proportional tactics (instead of just following the path that we were conditioned to follow that was somewhat paved for us during our earlier years of life).

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It's not easy but if you take the time to creatively then thoroughly plan your future ventures, which will fuel the life of your dreams (this should be pretty fun anyway), your vision will begin playing out much more efficiently and quickly. You have to INVEST in yourself. You have to INVEST in your brand. You have to INVEST your income into other ventures that will remove you from the dreadful cycle most of us are accustomed to, if that's a desire of yours. 
Our Wholesaler Lists, Informative Ebooks and Guided One-On-One Sessions can be accessed for professional purposes to help you make a cute coin online or for personal use if you just want bomb affordable suppliers to have on standby, it's up to you!
Study Resources, Make Connections and Apply Yourself: Our Guides and One-On-One Sessions involve tactics and strategies that will propel and fuel your life's journeys a little more informatively than traditional school ever has so that you never feel stuck, without purpose nor without a plan. And just remember, all downloadable resources can be accessed and used immediately after checking out.
BTB Is Rooting For You, Boss.
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Why Reserve A Discovery Session? 

Our goal during these strategy sessions is to work with entrepreneurial spirits and investors like myself to help target and emphasize strategic yet rewarding business or investment plans and opportunities. During our 1:1 sessions, we determine strengths, weaknesses and opportunities staring your in the face associated with your current predicament, ideas and strategies you've be brainstorming, guiding you if we see there's room and opportunity for improvement in regard to your life processes affecting the Financial, Mental, Physical, Emotional and Spiritual sectors of your life. When it comes to planting ideas then developing and growing our clients' brand, business, YouTube Channel or stock portfolio, their overall wellbeing, financial-freedom and happiness is our top priority.